Telematics Services

Assured Telematics Inc. (ATI) will provide ideas, products, services and solutions designed to takes advantage of the latest telematics technologies

Established in 2010 in Boston, Massachusetts, Assured Telematics (originally Transportation Technology Sales) continues to be a cutting-edge provider of a wide range of fleet management technology solutions, consulting and services with the diversity to handle a variety of businesses.

With the most knowledgeable transportation professionals in the industry, Assured Telematics has expert experience in selling, implementing, improving, and supporting many technological systems to improve operations. In addition, Assured Telematics is a leader in providing top-notch transportation technology consulting services and support. That is why our clients consider us the technical leaders in our field.

Superior service and solutions, professionally delivered by committed people eager to help. Assured Telematics will work to understand your business and provide the expertise you need to give you that competitive edge in the marketplace.

Contact Assured Telematics to learn about the latest in Fleet Safety, Productivity Enhancements and Fleet Economy/Ecology.