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When you know the road ahead, you have the freedom to navigate it how you see fit. Drivewyze lets you run your business smoothly by helping you avoid delays, keeping your drivers safe, and ultimately, getting your business where it’s going. Whether you’re looking for weigh station bypass, proactive driver notifications, or other connected truck solutions, your vision deserves a better journey. Drive on.

Drivewyze PreClear

North America’s largest & fastest growing weigh station bypass service

Drivewyze PreClear provides bypass opportunities at over 880+ fixed weigh stations and mobile inspection sites across 44 states and 2 provinces, right on your in-cab device, so there’s no need for transponders. Detailed Weigh Station Activity Reports reveal hidden losses due to delays.

  • Includes Drivewyze Safety Notifications, providing drivers with in-cab safety alerts to help prevent risky driving behavior.
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You didn’t get into this business to be held up

Join North America’s largest weigh station bypass service to keep your drivers moving past 880+ weigh stations and mobile inspection sites.

  • More bypass sites than any other service
  • Works at scales and mobile sites
  • Integrated into ELDs – no transponders
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Proven performance with fleet insights

Proven performance with insights to back it up

Do you want to understand the real cost of unplanned delays at weigh stations and inspection sites? With Drivewyze, it’s easy to see what costs you’re incurring and how much you could save with each bypass.

  • Maximize on-duty drive time with more bypass opportunities that keep your drivers moving
  • Reduce operational costs and cut down on idling, saving on fuel and emissions
  • Improve driver retention and satisfaction with a service they love (and are more likely to stick around for)

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Drivewyze Safety+

Proactive in-cab alerts and in-depth analysis of driver behavior

  • Warn drivers of known speed violation zones
  • Create custom zones unique to your fleet with easy-to-use tools
  • Dashboard-based analytics tool to help you monitor risk trends
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It’s impossible to know what’s around the corner… or is it?

Empower your drivers to make safer decisions with in-cab notifications about potential hazards, giving them time to safely respond to the road ahead

Customize Your Alerts

Easily build you own in-cab alerts with audio and visual cues to keep drivers informed as they approach hazards or protocols

Actionable Insights

Straightforward reporting allows you to quickly highlight high-risk locations and drivers

Improve your fleet's safety and efficiency with Drivewyze.

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