Precise Insights and Streamlined Fueling with Car IQ

With telematics and vehicle sensor data, Car IQ provides fleet managers with accurate insights into their vehicles' location, fuel-related information, such as tank size and fuel needs, as well as accurate mileage data. More than just data tracking, Car IQ offers a complete fleet fueling solution designed to streamline the fueling process and enhance security for fleet managers.

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Intuitive Mobile App for Drivers

Car IQ makes fueling a hassle-free experience for drivers through its user-friendly mobile app. By using the vehicle's unique ID, drivers are directed to the nearest gas station, where the pump is automatically unlocked, enabling a contactless payment process. This not only saves time but also enhances convenience for drivers on the road.

Built-in Spending Rules & Controls

Fleet managers have complete control over their spending with Car IQ's intuitive dashboard. By a simple click of the mouse, managers can specify approved merchants, set day and time controls for transactions, provide spending limits, and seamlessly manage vehicle onboarding and offboarding.

Easy Fleet Fueling

Car IQ Pay offers a seamless and cardless payment solution for fueling. The vehicle is connected to the pump, and the entire transaction is managed within the system – no credit card is required.

  1. Select pump number.
  2. Car IQ Pay validates the vehicle, the source of funds, and activates the pump.
  3. Pump fuel.
  4. Drive away.
  5. Car IQ Pay re-validates the services received using real-time vehicle data, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction. A receipt is automatically added to the vehicle's ledger for easy tracking and record-keeping.

Granular Control Over Spending

Fleet managers can choose specific merchants where their drivers are allowed to transact, set transaction hour windows, define active days for fueling, and establish dollar spend limits. This feature helps prevent unauthorized fueling and misuse of resources, contributing to significant cost savings.

Taking Security to a New Level

By utilizing actual vehicle data for authentication, fleet managers can rest assured that each transaction is associated with the correct vehicle, eliminating potential fraud and ensuring accurate accountability.

Merchant Location and Selection

Assured Telematics and Car IQ utilizes vehicle data to intelligently route drivers to the nearest gas stations, regardless of their location within the country. This saves drivers' time and reduces fuel expenses by selecting the most cost-effective options.

Simplify your fleet operations, maximize efficiency, and optimize fueling processes.

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