Precise Insights and Streamlined Fueling with Car IQ

Car IQ’s cutting-edge payments platform transforms a vehicle into a secure payment device. Using your unique vehicle data, Car IQ Pay securely and autonomously connects you directly to merchants, enabling you to turn on the pump, make payments, and eliminate the hassle of credit cards. Car IQ integrates with existing tech stacks and uses telematics and vehicle data to provide fleets with detailed insights, allowing them to follow every payment and eliminate fraud. Car IQ consolidates all transactions into a single ledger, reducing reconciliation and enabling fleets to manage their spending more effectively.

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Fraud Protection

Unlike your existing fuel card program, you can finally mitigate fraud. We use unique vehicle IDs and real-time data to enable each step of the transaction process from pre-authorization to enabling funds to executing transactions. You can have confidence that when a transaction happens it is authorized. Only Car IQ enables you to set limits by vehicle, merchant and delivers the most robust real-time data and visibility.

Intuitive Mobile App for Drivers

Car IQ makes fueling a seamless experience for drivers through its intuitive mobile app. Car IQ Pay uses the vehicle's unique ID to direct drivers to the nearest fuel station, unlock the pump, and execute a contactless transaction. This elevates convenience for drivers on the road, resulting in time savings.

Easy Fleet Fueling

Car IQ Pay offers a seamless and cardless payment solution for fueling. Using unique vehicle data, we direct a vehicle to the nearest fuel station, connect the vehicle to the pump, authorize transactions, and add transaction receipts to a single ledger.

  1. Select pump number.
  2. Car IQ Pay validates the vehicle, the source of funds, and activates the pump.
  3. Pump fuel.
  4. A receipt is automatically added to the vehicle's ledger for easy tracking and record-keeping.
  5. Car IQ Pay re-validates the services received using real-time vehicle data, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction.

One ledger

Our easy to use portal allows your finance department to manage your entire fleet expenditures in one place. Easily add cars, manage payment receipts, show reports and reconcile a whole lot faster than ever before.

Get vehicle data

We tap into your vehicle data to create a unique ID that is authenticated prior to the transaction. Then we connect directly to the merchant to initiate transactions. Fleets will no longer need to rely on Drivers manually collecting VIN’s or odometer readings.

A new level of security

Gain control over transactions, set spending limits, define transaction locations and times, and manage vehicle access to the platform with ease. Transaction rules are immediately enforced, allowing for easy adjustments to controls.

Simplify your fleet operations, maximize efficiency, and optimize fueling processes.

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