GPS Vehicle Tracking and Telematics Benefits

Fuel Savings - Idling, Speeding

Reduce fuel costs by reducing driver idling time, speeding, fast acceleration, and more. Savings and ROI can be derived in just days!

Insurance Discounts

Many insurance companies have telematics programs that offer a 15% to 40% discount for sharing your fleet’s driver behavior. Ask us about our insurance company partners.

Route Optimization for Better Trip Planning

Efficiently dispatching drivers on optimized routes will reduce fuel consumption, enhance productivity and reduce overtime.

Prevent Vehicle Abuse and Wear and Tear

Monitoring and reporting of aggressive driving combined with the use of in vehicle audible warnings feedback will reduce wear and tear on your fleet vehicle.

Safety = Saving

The use of in vehicle audible warnings feedback for speeding and aggressive driving events can modify driver behavior. This reduces accidents and insurance rates as well as vehicle and driver down time.

Stop Unauthorized Vehicle Use

Detail time and trip history reports will reduce drivers wasting time, unauthorized trip and stops. Report after hour’s vehicle usage and provide vehicle location for theft recovery.

Detect Engine Issues and Monitor Fault Codes

With engine fault code information, you can now stop engine issues before they become costly to manage and repair. A fault code will specifically tell you what the engine issue is and where to find it, helping you save on vehicle inspection time and costs, and possible vehicle down time.

Schedule Vehicle Maintenance and Reminders

Prioritize vehicles for repair based on live vehicle diagnostic fault reporting. Schedule maintenance reminders for your entire fleet.

Regulatory Compliance

IFTA – Automated mileage calculated
HOS – Solutions for automated hours 

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