Assured Telematics and Drivewyze: Leveraging In-Cab Alerts for Enhanced Driver Safety

Safer roadways. If you ask anyone driving a vehicle – passenger or commercial – they’ll say, “yes, bring it on!” In the trucking industry, advancements in technology are making this happen every day. In a recent announcement, Drivewyze, an Assured Telematics partner, committed to bring highway safety to all commercial fleets and drivers by offering our essential safety alerts program – recently showcased at the Geotab Connect conference - to the trucking industry at no cost. There are no strings attached and Drivewyze Free, as it’s called, can easily be activated through the Geotab Marketplace.

Why is alert technology like Drivewyze Free so important

In-cab driver alerts are a great example of some of the supportive technology that is helping to make our roads safer. Driver alerts can be both visual and audible and sent to an ELD, tablet or smartphone. Alerts amplify driver expertise and illuminate unknown dangers ahead, providing another set of “virtual” eyes and enabling drivers to avoid hazards. Drivers know what’s coming before they see it.

How In-Cab Alert Technology Works to Enhance Road Safety

According to the IIHS, an astounding 52% of trucker fatalities are a result of rollovers. An analysis of data collected through Drivewyze shows that drivers who were alerted when approaching a high rollover area will reduce their speed by an average of 7.3 mph. That’s an impactful difference and an example of the power of in-cab alerts to influence both driver behavior and highway safety.

In looking at interstate accidents, which include the secondary chain-reaction fender benders they often cause representing almost 30% of all collisions, tools that help to increase driver reaction time are a critical factor in creating road safety. In-cab alerts warn drivers that there are sudden slowdowns ahead giving them more time to react and decelerate before they even see telltale red taillights.

And in 2019, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation released a report that showed 32% of construction zone crashes and half of secondary collisions happened more than two miles behind the origin point of congestion, with 46% occurring over an hour later. Knowing when to slow down is key to avoiding collisions. 70% of drivers who received an in-cab alert were able to slow down ahead of an incident according to a North Carolina DOT study. And the advance warning the alert provided was significant with alert drivers reducing their speed by an average of 11 mph compared to 2 mph in a control group.

Supporting Drivers Beyond Safety

If none of these statistics are convincing, consider the benefits that integrated agency-sponsored, real-time information can have for those on the road. Drivewyze Free includes Drivewyze Smart Roadways highway safety program with access to information shared by partner state transportation and enforcement agencies including traffic slowdowns, safety alerts, sudden and unexpected slowdowns, virtual safety signs, and public emergency broadcasts. Our partners today include participating DOTs; New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Georgia, Delaware, Connecticut, Ohio, Texas, Arkansas, Virginia, Pennsylvania Turnpike, and the Colorado State Police and Wyoming Highway Patrol. We expect the Smart Roadways program will continue to grow with additional transportation agencies announcing their participation in the near future.

Safety is just one reason to consider the benefits of alert technology. Drivewyze also provides road condition updates and route information to support drivers including Rest Area with truck parking availability information for some states, upcoming low bridges or, in mountainous terrain, drivers receive information about upcoming steep grades, chain-up/brake check stations, and runaway ramps. And with a Safety+ subscription, alerts will warn drivers of high citation or theft areas, and severe weather occurrences happening ahead. Fleets can create their own geo-fenced “custom” messages that their drivers will receive on their ELDs and collect data for driver coaching.

“We’re a safety-driven company joined by like-minded agencies and telematics partners to leverage vehicle-to-infrastructure networks that improve highway safety for everyone,” said Brian Heath, CEO of Drivewyze. “We know many of our Essential Alerts and Advisories modify behavior – drivers slow down and apply less hard braking and it makes them safer behind the wheel. We’re hoping all fleets will use Drivewyze Free to provide their drivers with technology that can truly make a difference to their safety.”

Assured Telematics has a wide range of products, partners and expertise to enhance safety and solve problems in managing your fleet of drivers and trucks. Our suite of partner products and solutions, including Drivewyze, ranges from advanced communications and GPS technologies to text messaging solutions. To learn more about Telematics Technology and how your organization can enhance road safety and benefit from Drivewyze Free, you can visit our website here: