Using Machine Vision and Artificial Intelligence for a Safer, More Efficient Fleet

From unpredictable traffic to bad weather, locked delivery gates and unforeseen construction delays, drivers deal with dozens of potential operational and safety hazards. Any of these can pose a massive risk. Hazards can cause collisions or lawsuits, and result in delays that reduce fleet efficiency costing organizations time and money. Mitigating potential risks is essential to ensure a safe, productive, and effective fleet.

We know that drivers face several challenges on the road every day that traditional telematics sensors alone simply can’t address. However, when video and telematics sensor technology becomes integrated with machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI), it creates a magnified view of risk and the opportunity for organizations to address transportation’s toughest problems.

What is MV+AI-triggered video?

Dashcam technology, like Lytx’s DriveCam® device automatically records driving events that are detected by accelerometers, for example, when a driver takes a corner too quickly, or brakes suddenly. But what about events that can’t be detected by an accelerometer, like when a driver rolls through a stop sign or is inattentive at the wheel?

Now, Lytx has introduced Lytx Fleet Dash Cams with technology that pairs MV and AI to shine a light on these driving behaviours. Machine Vision can see and identify driving behaviors while Artificial Intelligence applies the data collected to computer algorithms to interpret and detect patterns in what the machine vision captured. Essentially, MV+AI work together as the eyes and brain of a dash cam.

It can detect in-cab behaviours, like when a driver is unbelted, smoking, eating and drinking, using a mobile device, driving inattentively, or has an obstructed lens. It can also see road events like lane departures, following distance and critical distance.

When these occur, MV+AI trigger an audio alert to influence driver behavior in the moment*. So, if a driver frequently rolls through stop signs in residential neighborhoods, the Lytx MV+AI will triggers a rolling stop sign event, record the occurrence and send that information back to the fleet manager. Now, that behaviour can be addressed before it becomes a habit and results in traffic tickets, collisions, or damage to your reputation.

Of course, the technology is also capable of capturing positive behaviours like quick-thinking defensive driving which can be used to recognize your drivers—an excellent program to increase driver morale and retention.

Why choose Lytx for your fleet safety challenges?

Not all MV+AI is the same. Depth and quality of data are crucial elements that ensure accuracy, eliminate false positives and capture significant events. With more than 25 years experience, Lytx® is an innovator in machine vision and artificial intelligence technologies and has helped fleets of all sizes improve their safety and operations. At Lytx, our commitment and algorithms have been trained to identify risk through more than 250 billion miles of commercial driving that have been reviewed and tagged by professional reviewers. Lytx is continually adding to this body of knowledge. We evaluate 10 million events every month and tag them with behaviors that can be used to further enhance the MV+AI algorithms.

With over 145 million events and over 55 billion minutes of video from all over the world, spanning dozens of vehicle types, many different road conditions, and almost every weather event conceivable, our MV+AI technology is built on the world’s largest database of commercial vehicle driving data of its kind. High performance MV+AI algorithms require high quality, accurate data, and Lytx is a leader in the industry when it comes to the breadth and depth of collecting-cab scenarios available for algorithm development and training.

In addition to data quality, Lytx dash cams have the robust processors needed to power MV+AI. Lytx’s SF-Series cloud-connected event recorders are designed to capture and deliver the MV+AI-powered insights you need quickly. By combining real-time processing and response with the power of the cloud where data can be aggregated and analyzed, you will have the information and insights you need to address the most urgent issues immediately and go back for more information later.

Beyond our MV+AI triggers, we are continuously developing innovative new features to help ensure fleet safety. Our Parked Highway/Ramp feature is one example—an event is triggered when the DriveCam® Event Recorder identifies that a vehicle has stopped for more than 10 minutes on the side of a highway or an off-ramp. Fleet managers are notified when this occurs, allowing them to assess the situation and determine whether the vehicle is parked in an unsafe area or is simply stopped in traffic. Managers can then request that the driver move the vehicle if needed. This helps managers ensure the driver and vehicle are safe and not at risk of collision.

With our recently released Weather Hazard Alerts, fleet managers can receive real-time alerts based on geospatial, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather data to help facilitate faster decision making for safer and more efficient driving. Alerts can be configured to cover instances of snow, thunderstorms, floods, tornados, and more. Considering that one in five crashes on average are weather related, these alerts have the potential to make a significant impact on road safety.

Our ever-expanding catalog of innovative event triggers combined with our MV+AI-powered video provides an expanded view of potential risk that could lead to collisions, lawsuits, or customer complaints. By leveraging multiple technologies assisted by expert human review, only Lytx can detect the risks that matter so you can create a safer, more efficient company.

Lytx is one of Assured Telematics partners that provides products, technology and expertise to enhance safety and solve problems in managing your fleet of drivers and trucks. Our suite of partner products and solutions, including Lytx, ranges from advanced communications and GPS technologies to text messaging solutions. Click here to learn more about how your organization can enhance road safety, or contact us to get started.

Essentially, MV+AI works as the eyes and brain of a dash cam. Machine vision sees and identifies driving behaviors. Artificial intelligence uses computer algorithms to interpret what machine vision sees.