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At Assured Telematics Inc. our services go beyond simply offering GPS fleet management solutions. We offer industry insight towards evolving data, trends in technology and information that will keep you ahead of your competition and prepared for the growth of your business.

Join us for a presentation and demonstration of several cutting edge fuel reduction and money saving techniques and technologies including advanced telematics, solar auxiliary power, and specialized hybrid engine technology.…

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The CAS is a tool for pre-emptive action. The system identifies potential threats, and when danger is imminent, visual and audible alerts warn the driver to make necessary corrections in sufficient time to avoid potential collisions or mitigate their severity. It focuses solely on collision prevention, which includes improving compliance of safe driving behaviors, by detecting tailgating and speeding, as well as lane drifting or departure. A typical CAS includes a vision sensor and a visual…

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When it comes to fleet management, we are promised that we will be getting a full view of what is happening to our vehicles on the road. With advanced telematics, you can now know where your bus, truck, or car is at any given time. You can generate reports about anything - from historic routes, to fuel usage and efficiency, to just about anything that happens to your vehicles while they are on the road. But is sensor data enough?…

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In my previous article, I talked about recent developments in the consumer telematics and infotainment markets and how these developments are best translated into the fleet space. One important lesson is that the sharing of an industry standard platform encourages joint collaborations and opens up new customer markets. A shared, standard platform is almost a mandatory requirement for the active development of a specialized ecosystem like fleet. It reduces one of the key barriers preventing entry…

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