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Assured Advice

At Assured Telematics Inc. our services go beyond simply offering GPS fleet management solutions. We offer industry insight towards evolving data, trends in technology and information that will keep you ahead of your competition and prepared for the growth of your business.

As a company, Assured Telematics prides itself on providing clients with efficient and cost-effective ways to run their daily business operations. That’s why Assured Telematics has launched three new apps: ATI Trainer, Yard Move Assignment, and Automated IFTA Reporting, designed for the sole purpose of running fleets smoothly.…

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Assured Telematics’ close partner, eDriving Fleet, introduces a risk reduction and driver training offering. Called RoadRisk Plus, the new offering will give Assured Telematics clients an assessment tool that is proven by research as accurate and reliable, along with a series of customized training courses.…

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Here at ATI, you and your family's safety are our top priority, which is why we would like to introduce our new groundbreaking product called Mentor??® by eDriving: a smart phone telematics solution that includes closed-loop training and coaching for drivers.…

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Imagine being locked into a contract with a solution provider. Suddenly your hands are tied as you gradually become disappointed with the quality of their service. Even though you are unhappy, you cannot simply walk away at any time due to your obligation to fulfill the terms of the contract, not to mention if you try withdrawing the contract, you will end up paying penalty fees. It can be very frustrating when your primary objective is to get what you paid for, but your provider’s priority is…

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