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At Assured Telematics Inc. our services go beyond simply offering GPS fleet management solutions. We offer industry insight towards evolving data, trends in technology and information that will keep you ahead of your competition and prepared for the growth of your business.

Meet with technical staff and customers alike, the evening of Tuesday, January 14th to learn about the latest technology, tools and trends in the fleet management industry. RSVP below for your opportunity to join Assured Telematics.…


Notice of Geotab GO device price increases according to a tariff imposed by the United States Trade Representative (USTR).…

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Technology for fleets is always evolving. One minute, you have a top-of-the-line telematics system that makes use of all the latest innovations. The next, you find out that your competitor has edged you out with a more advanced system. Without taking advantage of all the latest technologies at your disposal, it is going to be very easy to lose out to your competitors.…

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Fleet managers working with different products offered by Assured Telematics will have an easier time on the job. That’s because Assured Telematics has just released integration with Amazon Alexa. “Amazon Alexa has made our homes smarter and more convenient,” says Assured Telematics CEO Frank Pellitta. “If you want to lock your doors, turn off the TV, or order a pizza, you only need to ask Alexa do all of these for you. You do not have to take out your smartphone, you just speak your …

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