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Assured Telematics’ Partner, eDriving Fleet, Introduces RoadRisk Plus

April 6th, 2017

Assured Telematics’ close partner, eDriving Fleet, introduces a risk reduction and driver training offering.  Called RoadRisk Plus, the new offering will give Assured Telematics clients an assessment tool that is proven by research as accurate and reliable, along with a series of customized training courses. 

Most people believe that they are better drivers than they really are.  A study showed that up to 9 out of 10 drivers believe that they have more than average driving ability.  That means that some people are overestimating their driving skills to the point that they disregard the possibility that their bad driving behaviors might be a very real reason for a road accident.  More than that, people often say that road accidents are caused by the other party being a terrible driver.

The RoadRisk Plus provided by eDriving Fleet would help your fleet drivers become more aware of their bad driving habits so that they could change them.

RoadRisk Plus takes into consideration your driver details, which includes the personality, height, type of driving done, experience, age, how long the driver has been employed in the company, speeding violations, collision and accident history, driving habits, and trainings undertaken.  Then you have the vehicle details, which specifies if the vehicle is a company car or a personal one, the mileage, the age, the service record, safety features, and maintenance history, among others.  Lastly, you have the trip detail, which enumerates the number of hours spent driving, the type of vehicles used, the types of roads traveled on, schedule, and miles driven, among others.

Using these and assessing the driver's behavior, knowledge and attitude, the system is able to come up with a risk profile for each driver, as well as defensive driving exercises meant to test your driver's ability to spot dangers on the road so that they could react on it promptly.  All of these are used to come up with a risk profile, classifying your drivers as low, medium or high risk.

RoadRisk Plus will then assign a RiskCOACH Training, which is a series of customized training courses tailor-fit for each of your drivers.  There are a dozen RiskCOACH training modules to choose from and these are interactive exercises that are available in close the four dozen languages.  The content is also customized according to your country, region or culture.

RoadRisk Plus Safety Test

The RoadRisk Plus Advantage

Just how reliable is the RoadRisk Plus in training your drivers and reducing risks?  The assessment program and the subsequent training exercises are backed by several studies involving around 26,000 drivers.  That means that the risk profiles and assessments are 70% accurate.  In fact, the offering comes from the same company that gave fleets all over the world the Virtual Risk Manager platform.  The platform is used to manage at least 700,000 drivers worldwide and has been proven to cause 67% less accidents and collisions, as well as high as 40% total cost of ownership reduction.  The benefits are backed by more than 70 awards given to clients who have been able to improve the safety of their fleets and drivers while also cutting back on costs.

Now Assured Telematics Customers Can: 

  • Quickly assess driver risk accurately.
  • Log driver knowledge, behavior and attitudes.
  • Have their drivers get a full simulation exercises designed to help them identify road hazards.
  • Get risk exposure analysis and risk classification for their drivers, along with best practice recommendations.
  • Get a highly customized RiskCOACH training module for each of their drivers.

Call Assured Telematics at 617-470-3530 today and find out more about the RoadRisk Plus.





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