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Assured Telematics: Helping to Keep Your Children Safe Behind the Wheel

April 5th, 2017

Here at ATI, you and your family's safety are our top priority, which is why we would like to introduce our new groundbreaking product called Mentor® by eDriving: a smart phone telematics solution that includes closed-loop training and coaching for drivers.
Mentor® helps transform big data into actionable insight through the robust analytics engine at the core of it's closed-loop solution, meaning drivers are now equipped with a 24/7 personal driving coach which helps them manage their at-risk behaviour and recommends changes for any unsafe driving habits. For families, this means new and seasoned drivers alike, will now have additional insight into their personal driving habits and how they can improve their safety behind the wheel for both themselves and others on the road.
Mentor® also includes the new FICO® Safe Driving Score, a system that monitors driver behaviour and provides an overall driving score based on the drivers performance. Through the monitoring of driver behaviour, the FICO® Safe Driving Score can help predict potential risks for drivers and encourage on-road safety, helping reduce and eliminate risks for you and your family.
At ATI, we stand behind our customers and truly value your family's safety, which is why we are now offering a 1-Year FREE Subscription to use Mentor® smart phone telematics solution, for any one family member of our current Geotab customers. We want our customers to truly experience the benefits of Mentor® and how it can help keep your family safe on the road. For more information about the Mentor® solution or to subscribe for your one FREE year, contact us below!

Give our 1-Year FREE Subscription to Mentor® a try and learn about the benefits of smart phone telematics within your family today for a safer tomorrow.

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