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HOS Violation Monitoring and Hazardous Road Condition Alerts Now Included In Fleet Concierge Service

December 8th, 2016

Stop Worrying About Hours of Service Compliance

Assured Telematics is now pleased to offer Hours of Service (HOS) Violation Monitoring Services for customers who use our Fleet Concierge Service. From its inception, we’ve had great results and even better feedback from  our Fleet Concierge Service and now we’re happy to announce yet another layer of value to this solution by introducing HOS Violation Monitoring. Using new software toolsets, we are able to monitor notifications when your drivers are approaching, or have reached a HOS violation status such as exceeding the 60-hour/ 7 day rule. HOS violations are among the most important regulations within the trucking industry. Not complying with these regulations can result in costly fines, out-of-service orders and can affect your regulatory scores for both drivers and the company. So, stop worrying and let ATI’s Fleet Concierge Service assume your fleet management responsibilities.


Avoid Accidents This Winter with Real-Time Road Condition Warnings

Weather Hazards can seriously effect fleet logistics. That’s why we’ve partnered with E-Horizon to integrate Road Weather Hazard Alerts into our Fleet Concierge Service. With real-time weather conditions displayed in MyGeotab, you can prepare your drivers for the road ahead and help mitigate the risks of potential accidents. Hazard warnings include alerts such as:

  • Hydroplaning Risk (flooding/precipitation)
  • Low Visibility Risk (fog)
  • Icing Risk (Black Ice/Freezing Rain)
  • Wind Risk
  • Hail Risk
  • Lightning Risk
  • Road Weather Conditions

real-time road condition warnings

Like to know more? Read more about ATI’s Fleet Concierge Service below or contact us to get started. 


Monitoring Service With A Human Touch and Custom, Personalized Alerts

The ATI Fleet Concierge Service provides a human front-end to the big data analytics that comes with a robust ATI fleet telematics system

Telematics systems provide visibility critical to business: they help keep fleet vehicles in top condition, ensure driver safety, and minimize costly downtime. However they can also result in data overload. Instead of lessening managerial burden, they can add to it.

Introducing the ATI Fleet Concierge Service. A monitoring service with a human touch, it crunches through the massive amount of driver and vehicle data generated by an ATI fleet telematics system, flags any unusual or problematic situations, and provides personalized alerts to fleet managers. Benefits include:

Proactive maintenance

Keeping on top of fleet health has never been easier. The ATI Fleet Concierge Service recognizes when engines start using too much oil, when parts begin wearing prematurely, and when diagnostic error codes indicate part failures. It also tells the difference between serious engine conditions requiring immediate attention and diagnostic warnings that can wait.

Driver assistance

Being proactive with drivers who need roadside assistance around the clock can often save costly downtime. By monitoring vehicle location, the ATI Fleet Concierge Service detects vehicle breakdowns and notifies managers after hours so they can quickly rectify situations when drivers need help. It also recognizes rapid deceleration—often near accidents—typically worthy of investigation. 

Driver performance

Most fleet managers don’t want to micromanage drivers but need to know if they are driving safely. The ATI Fleet Concierge Service informs managers about repetitive speeding, hard braking, harsh cornering, or rapid acceleration so that corrective action can be taken. Reports that rank drivers on fuel consumption make it easy to identify those who require additional training on fuel efficient driving.

Vehicle service

Ensuring vehicles and their telematics systems always work properly across the fleet requires constant communication. The ATI Fleet Concierge Service alerts managers anytime a vehicle is not communicating—whether it is in a service bay or intentionally offline. 

Vehicle theft

The ATI Fleet Concierge Service helps identify the whereabouts of stolen vehicles, working in tandem with local authorities to actively guide police to a vehicle’s location. (ATI has an excellent track record of recovering missing assets.)

No expertise, no problem

Sorting through telematics data to flush out genuine problems from minor annoyances requires both time and expertise. The ATI Fleet Concierge Service uses a two-tiered system that provides in essence a human front-end to big data analytics. It starts with sophisticated software that flags potential issues. It then sends any issues to an ATI Fleet Concierge Service advisor for analysis who may then reach out to fleet managers on any important issues.

Continual monitoring

Telematics systems provide the tools to stay on top of fleet issues but require vigilant monitoring for best results. Instead of red alerts in software that go unnoticed, the ATI Fleet Concierge Service keeps a watchful eye over your fleet, ensuring managers are notified directly whenever there are real issues that require immediate attention.

Customized service

A truly valuable hotel concierge takes care of customer needs, no matter how unusual the request. The ATI Fleet Concierge service aims for that same level of professionalism, helping fleet managers with customized services catering to their telematics concerns and challenges.

If you have a business goal that telematics can help solve or streamline, the ATI Fleet Concierge Service may be able to get you running with apps, add-ins, or add-ons from the ATI app store or the Geotab marketplace. And if it’s not there already, we’d be happy to build it for you.





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