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ATI Offers “no-contract” Wireless Plans and Limited Lifetime Warranty

March 4th, 2016

Imagine being locked into a contract with a solution provider. Suddenly your hands are tied as you gradually become disappointed with the quality of their service. Even though you are unhappy, you cannot simply walk away at any time due to your obligation to fulfill the terms of the contract, not to mention if you try withdrawing the contract, you will end up paying penalty fees. It can be very frustrating when your primary objective is to get what you paid for, but your provider’s priority is making a profit, and often times they try to squeeze a little more out of you by upselling services that you may not even need in the first place.  

Nothing can be more frustrating than committing to a contract then finding out later that you are dealing with a provider that does not deliver what you paid for. 

At Assured Telematics Inc. (ATI) instead of locking in dissatisfied customers, we secure happy clients and earn their loyalty. It’s because we have unlocked the answer to a worry-free fleet telematics solution with our no-contract wireless plan, what’s more, we also offer a limited lifetime warranty on our product. ATI is the only telematics provider to offer both benefits.

Advantages of Contract-Free Wireless Plans

Looking closely at the benefits of this approach, here are the advantages of contract-free wireless plans in terms of telematics solutions:

  1. Reduced Cost, More Savings

    When you are using an “on-contract” wireless solution, the cost of the device you plan to use is spread out monthly and is included in the contract. This happens even if you don’t end up using or including the device in your plan.

    In a no-contract arrangement, this fee is excluded. This option gives you automatic savings each month. It is also worthy to note that the size of telematics data packets, or the information gathered by the telematics device, is very small. As such, a big percentage of the monthly fees for on-contract wireless solutions are often-times for hardware and services that you may not even need. In addition, because there is no contract to enforce, there are no termination fees.

  2. Better Customer Service

    With an on-contract solution, you are at the mercy of the solution provider. You cannot just back out when things start to go wrong because you are contractually committed to fulfilling the contract terms. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you are a happy or unsatisfied customer. You still pay what you are contractually obligated to pay even when the provider may not be giving you a satisfactory service. Customer satisfaction takes the back seat. To make you happy, their approach could be upselling you additional functionalities or features, just to make you feel that you are getting more.

    With a no-contract policy, such as what we offer at Assured Telematics, you are guaranteed to get excellent customer service throughout the partnership.


With ATI, you can manage your fleet better with our flexible fleet management solutions. Our offerings are tailored to your exact needs so you don’t just pay for what you require, you also optimize your business while minimizing overhead costs. 

In the end, you cannot go wrong with a company that offers no-contract wireless plans and limited lifetime warranty on their products (with Geotab ProPlus Plan). Contact ATI now!





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