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Big Data is Dynamite

November 15th, 2015

Big data is dynamite. There’s no denying its explosive, game-changing ability to enhance, improve and rapidly transform the future of a company. But, with big data, and consequently every new shift in technology, there also comes an equal and opposite struggle of overcoming technological learning curves. 

Big data was created to give us the answers to all of our business questions. It was meant to give us fresh insights, new objectives, stronger directions and positive, tangible results. The problem is, a wealth of information does not always translate into a wealthy business – especially when the amount of information being produced almost always exceeds our ability to organize, interpret and utilize this data in a beneficial way. 

By being inundated with such an excess of information, most leaders struggle with the time and budget required to sift through and manage the continuous influx of data. And as technology evolves and your business grows, the amount of data expands along with the people required to manage it too.

“It can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars for data analytics tools, not to mention the cost of training personnel and learning to operate an analytics platform in order to manage your big data. This can put a serious dent in your fleet management budget.”

So, how do you overcome the most common pitfall? 

The short answer, you don’t. 

You don’t extend your working hours in order to organize endless data, or hastily spend your budget on a new complex, analytics system. You don’t spend additional time or money training new personnel just to split their focus between their primary tasks and data management. 

Instead, you lay the responsibility on those already qualified and highly trained with state-of-the-art software. You work with personnel who specialize in managing big data, so that you can focus on running your business with a much lower stress level and a much higher budget.

By integrating the ATI Fleet Concierge Service into your business, you will always have a team of personnel readily available. We study your big data, simplify your information and provide you with all of the necessary easy-to-digest reports and alerts needed in order to make better business decisions. 

Our personalized service also focuses on the areas you want to keep an eye on most, regarding your fleets’ performance. We provide simplified reports with clear-cut information and we also flag any serious or unusual events and bring them to your attention. 

While our team watches over your fleet and manages your analytics reports, you can finally focus on the results of the big data, rather than spending all of your time organizing it.

All of the benefits, none of the stress. 

By working with our advanced technology and specialists, we free up your schedule so that you can focus on applying the results of your data to your fleet in order to make an overall positive impact in your business.

Make the most of your ATI Fleet Concierge Service with:

1. Proactive Maintenance 
We stay on top of your fleet by proactively monitoring and maintaining your vehicles health through diagnostic errors and conditional or imminent part failures.

2. Driver Assistance
By monitoring vehicle location, we help detect vehicle breakdowns and notify managers at any time in order to assist and help drivers who need roadside assistance.

3. Driver Performance
We help manage and ensure that drivers are safely navigating the roads in various conditions, and our reports help to point out both areas of improvement and areas where drivers excel.

4. Vehicle Service
By ensuring that vehicles have constant communication through their telematics systems, we can make sure all vehicles are operating appropriately.

5. Vehicle Theft

ATI Fleet Concierge Service helps identify the whereabouts of stolen vehicles, working in tandem with local authorities to actively guide police to a vehicles location.

If you are running a fleet and find that you struggle with managing your data or keeping up with the ever-increasing business demands while trying to get the most out of your fleet management technology, contact the ATI Fleet Concierge Service and we would be happy to assist you.   





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