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Assured Telematics Announces Partnership with American RFID Solutions for Integration with Geotab Telematics data

May 4th, 2015

Boston MA. (April 28, 2015) -- Assured Telematics has announced a partnership with American RFID Solutions for the distribution of a M2M or cellular multi-purpose data pipe that handles American RFID's TrackStar RTLS (Real Time Location System) platform and Geotab Telematics data.  

Frank Pellitta, president of Assured Telematics, says that the company is “very proud to be chosen as the telematics partner for American RFID Solutions.”  The alliance between the two enterprises will benefit customers through Assured Telematics and American RFID Solutions’ full API integration. Pellitta adds that not only will the partnership extend Assured Telematics' product lines and expertise, but it will also enable the company to offer more benefits to its existing customers."  ATI will also be able to sell RFID solutions to our customer base, bringing Assured Telematics “out of the vehicle” and into the four walls such as warehouse or distribution centers for a seamless transition of customer work flow and products. This is truly an innovative way to help customers increase ROI, eliminate non-value tasks such as manual data entry, cycle counting in the supply chain or service businesses.


Benefits for fleet managers and end-users

But what does the partnership mean to customers of both Assured Telematics and American RFID?  Users will now be able to use a single Verizon data pipe to transmit both RFID data and telematics data.  The joint solution allows you to send a rich data set using a single Verizon connection, thereby cutting your data carrier costs significantly while simultaneously enhancing business intelligence, and actionable information. 


RFID TrackStar

The RFID TrackStar solution brings together RFID, data collection software, 3D imaging and video surveillance, to help companies locate assets, customer orders and personnel using a Web browser or mobile phone app.  As a bolt on product, it extends the benefits of fleet tracking capabilities of businesses and fleet managers that are currently using a purely telematics solution.

You can also use RFID TrackStar to identify wasteful processes and improve productivity by helping you isolate bottlenecks, non-value tasks, and any deviations from desired work flow. This in turn will enable you to streamline your different processes and better utilize existing capital and operational resources.  Ultimately making more money and differentiating your business from competitors.

You can feed the tracking data that you have into American RFID's data collection database and engine.  Users that are logged into the system can easily find tagged items using a 3D map.  The system can help employees find a particular item in the office quickly, or you can be more responsive to your customers and be able to tell them where their shipments are, or the status of their orders.

The partnership between American RFID and Assured Telematics guarantees full API integration for both companies, thereby allowing customers to further customize their products.  We make it easy to get the best of both RFID, RTLS, IoT sensors and telematics all in one application.  For the first time there is no gaps in your chain of command from inside your four walls to outside.  You can now manage delivery to the end user.

Contact Frank Pellitta at 617-470-3530 or fpellitta@assuredtelematics.com for a complete solution for your service vans, tractors, trailers, cube vans, and other vehicles.


About Assured Telematics

Assured Telematics offers a wide variety of products that help fleet managers by providing them with the newest technologies aimed at fleet tracking and management at very low costs.  The company's suite of systems ranges from advanced GPS technologies and satellite communications to automated data collection, optimization scheduling, and other management solutions.


About American RFID Solutions

American RFID Solutions -- www.americanRFIDsolutions.com -- provides innovative solutions that help enterprises optimize business performance.  The company has worked with organizations in various industries including aerospace, aviation, education, hospitals, manufacturing, rail roads, restaurants, and utilities, among others.  American RFID Solutions deliver turnkey solutions that can track, monitor and control people or assets at an enterprise level.





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