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Start the New Year strong with new telematics apps; free for Assured Telematics customers

January 20th, 2020

Learn more about the new apps available for free, to all Assured Telematics Geotab customers this New Year! 

ATI Heatmap App IconATI Heatmap

Visually review trips history over any particular time with ATI Heatmap. 


ATI Time Machine App Icon

ATI Time Machine

Select any specific date and time for any vehicle in your fleet to see exact positioning and location.

ATI Custom myGeotab Map Interface App IconCustom myGeotab Map Interface for Duty Status, DVIR and Engine Faults

Gather additional data related to duty status, engine faults and/or DVIR defects for all vehicles within your fleet; directly through your map.

ATI Utilization App IconATI Utilization App

Track vehicle use over a period of time, including distance travelled, engine hours, specific days vehicle was driven, trips / stops and more.

ATI Proximity App IconATI Proximity Tool

Learn whether a vehicle has passed through or crossed a particular area on your map during a specific time.


ATI Maps App IconATI Maps

View anywhere from 500 to 10,000 or more vehicles on your map at any given time. 


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