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ATI Adds eLive to Driver Training Suite

May 3rd, 2019

It’s a multi-billion-dollar industry that is growing each and every year. Vehicle tracking and fleet management is not only growing, but it’s always evolving. Through all those industry encompassing trends, it can hard for fleets to be recognized on an individual level. News flash! Your fleet is unique. Whatever trends come and go through the years, fleets will have individual needs and require unique solutions that best fit their structure, their style, and their goals.

No two fleets are the same, so no two fleets will have the same mixing pot of solutions affecting their day-to-day activities. But how do you find access to the best tools for your fleet? Well, that’s where we come in! Assured Telematics has added a new driver safety tool to our vast array of platforms, tools, and technologies. With the addition of eLive Connect, Assured Telematics offers the largest assortment of high impact solutions at the lowest cost available. Period.

eLive Connect is an on-demand learning and live training system. Formatted through a secure web-based learning center, eLive Connect provides interactive training to clients through documents, links, alerts, podcasts, and more. The newest driver training tool is the fourth driver and management training tool offered by Assured Telematics. Mentor, Predictive Coach, and Learnbolt are also used as training tools that increase productivity and prepare drivers and managers for every situation.


Fleet needs are different on any given day, changing constantly. At Assured Telematics, we can offer more tools with greater impact that will always be customized to fit you. Our experienced consultant management paired with the largest assortment of low cost training solutions will help your unique fleet seamlessly reach its’ highest potential.








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