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Have Greater and Easier Fleet Control With Assured Telematics’ Voice Technology

September 25th, 2018

Technology for fleets is always evolving.  One minute, you have a top-of-the-line telematics system that makes use of all the latest innovations.  The next, you find out that your competitor has edged you out with a more advanced system.  Without taking advantage of all the latest technologies at your disposal, it is going to be very easy to lose out to your competitors. 

However, you already have too much on your plate.  Managing your fleet and your drivers is taking up too much of your attention.  Who has the energy and time to keep up with the constant evolution of technology?

This is why you need to partner with Assured Telematics.  ATI takes care of keeping our fleet customers abreast of all the latest and emerging technologies.  And then we only implement the ones that are truly helpful at making your fleet safer and more efficient.  We turn technology into innovative products and services that help you manage your fleet effectively.  We do it so you do not have to.

Voice integrated apps from Assured Telematics

In line with our goal of helping fleet managers gain greater control over their fleet’s information, and increase their fleet's and drivers' productivity, ATI has now added easy to use voice controls to our line of custom apps.

To start, you can now use Amazon Alexa with the FindMyTruck app to help you get information about your assets and people easily, just by asking Alexa for it.  But even if you do not have Amazon Alexa, you can rely on your smartphone’s own voice recognition engine.  

Think about it, now your trucks, trailer and assets can tell you where they are.

What you can do with voice 

ATI has just made it easier for you to manage your fleet while also making it safer for your drivers to obtain information they need to do their jobs.  Here are things fleets can now do with voice commands.

1. Hands-free learning for your drivers

LearnBolt is one of the training and learning apps offered by Assured Telematics.  It provides an easy way to train your drivers about technologies (such as Geotab ELD), apps, and devices they use. It can also provide you with a fast way to roll out new procedures, or issue new directives to an individual driver, a group of drivers, or to all your drivers.  As such, LearnBolt can help you keep your drivers informed, provide tips, and explain procedures.  

Your drivers are able to use voice commands to open the LearnBolt app, and search for training material, safety tips, or whatever content the fleet manager wishes to store on the tablet.  This is a handy feature for them to have just in case they need to remember a procedure to assure they stay in compliance or adhere to fleet safety rules.

2. Find your drivers, tractors, trailer or assets without having to type anything

You can do this using the voice commands of ATI’s  Fleet Location for Geotab app, available for all iOS and Android devices.  All you need to do to find a driver is to say his or her name.  That simple process will display all the information you need to know about a driver or a vehicle (as well as trailers or assets).  

3. Meet your new personal assistant: Amazon Alexa

If you have Amazon Alexa speakers such as Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Show, or Amazon Echo Dot, you can use it to get information. 

For instance, using the FindMyTruck app, you can get all the information you need about your fleet just by speaking a voice command.  Saying, "Alexa, find my truck" will prompt Alexa to open the app.  Alexa will then inform you of the actions you can perform.  

When searching for the location of a vehicle, Alexa will then send you a text message of the location of the vehicle to your cellular device (which will then appear on your smart devices’ map).  If you prompt Alexa to locate a specific driver, she will speak and text the same locational information, but also state how many hours the driver has on their eLog for that day/period.

How's that for a personal assistant?

Why work with Assured Telematics?

Technology has been changing the way fleet managers have been doing their jobs.  Assured Telematics has been at the forefront of that shift, helping fleet managers get the technology they need not only to do their jobs well, but to also edge out the competition.  Over the years, Assured Telematics has also been very successful at introducing the latest technologies that have made a good thing, a whole lot better.

Not only that, Assured Telematics has ensured top-notch technical support and customer service to all users.  The thing with technology is that not everyone knows how to properly use it, so  Assured Telematics has made it easier not only to adopt the latest technologies and take advantage of the latest innovations, but also to help you learn how to better use it and equip yourself for the future.

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