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Assured Telematics now has full integration with Amazon Alexa

July 30th, 2018

Fleet managers working with different products offered by Assured Telematics will have an easier time on the job. That’s because Assured Telematics has just released integration with Amazon Alexa. 

“Amazon Alexa has made our homes smarter and more convenient,” says Assured Telematics CEO Frank Pellitta. “If you want to lock your doors, turn off the TV, or order a pizza, you only need to ask Alexa to do all of these for you.  You do not have to take out your smartphone, you just speak your commands out loud. We wanted to bring this functionality to our telematics apps and make fleet managers’ lives a whole lot easier.”

Fleet managers who own an Amazon Alexa speaker, such as the Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Plus, or Echo Show, would be able to use voice commands to conduct a search for your drivers or vehicles.  Alexa will be able to pinpoint whatever you are looking for.  Alexa will also send the driver's or vehicle's location to a map on your smartphone.

The best thing about this new functionality is that you do not have to stop whatever it is you are doing to find out where a particular vehicle, asset or driver is. "Imagine you are in a staff meeting and you need to find out where a certain shipment is. You do not have to get your smartphone or go to your workstation. You can just ask for it and Alexa will tell you the exact location of a particular driver or truck right there and then," relates Pellitta.

"Not only that, you also get to see the location on a map on your phone," adds Gillian Houghton, Assured Telematics VP of Engineering. "This makes it easier to keep track of your searches and to have a visual of the location if you are not familiar with a particular street name or area."

What’s more, when searching for a particular driver using voice commands, Alexa will update you on the number of hours that driver has remaining on the electronic logs. It does this automatically without you having to ask for it. Alexa will then text you the location of the driver (or vehicle) to your cell phone which is then brought up on a map.

An important step

The integration with Amazon Alexa marks an important milestone for Assured Telematics because it is now one of the first fleet telematics technology providers to offer voice applications for Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. In June, Assured Telematics also unveiled George, which is the first voice recognition application for Geotab users. George allows you to use voice commands in order to search for vehicles, drivers, and assets.

Likewise, the Google and Siri apps will help locate drivers and vehicles. Furthermore, these apps will allow you to easily check up on several details, such as the vehicle’s odometer reading, VIN, speed, and engine hours, among others. All Assured Telematics voice recognition apps also allow for managers to search on asset trackers from third party companies such as BeWhere once the data is pushed into MyGeotab.

Houghton adds, “Assured Telematics have always made it a point to listen to our users to find out what functionalities and features they would like to have. And we are glad to have listened to them when they said they wanted voice command capabilities. Now we have voice apps for Alexa, Siri, and Google.”

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