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Geotab Drive: What’s New In 1802

May 3rd, 2018

Top 3 New Features in Geotab Drive

Recently Geotab has been making a lot of new and exciting updates to their Geotab Drive App! With everything from improved drive time availability displays, to multiple ruleset changes and night mode options, we've covered all of the more important updates to make your operations easier and more efficient. Learn about our top three new features below:


1. Transferring Data to FMCSA 

  • Ability to transfer logs to the FMCSA from MyGeotab
  • Select up to 5 drivers at a time for a transfer
  • If a transfer fails, a broadcast will be returned indicating so
  • If the transfer is a test, select Yes next to the Test field

Geotab Drive, Transferring Data to FMCSA






2. Improved Handling of ON Logs When Changing Status

  • When trying to switch an ON log to another status, the user will see the following prompt:
  • Upon selecting Yes, a new duty status log will be created following the current one. It will be annotated to reflect that it was “Generated for attempting to edit an auto ON log”

Geotab Drive Handling ON Logs When Changing Status






3. Viewing Cycle Recap on Dashboard

  • The cycle recap can now be viewed from the HOS Dashboard. You can now view:
  • Available cycle time tomorrow
  • Cycle hour for current day, hours used within the cycle, & total number of hours

Geotab Drive Cycle Recap






Additional Updates: 

  • Pairing of D and ON Logs
  • Improve Driving Time Availability Display in Drive and MyGeotab
  • Ability to Select YM/PC on No Ruleset
  • Pre-Trip/Post-Trip Indication of DVIR
  • Oil Transport Rulesets > Rulesetswith (24-Hr Restart)
  • Ruleset Changes Auto-Annotated
  • 16H, Adverse Weather, WT When Applied Are Auto-Annotated
  • Improved Messaging for Inspection Mode
  • Drive App Night Mode
  • Users cannot create or edit SB or D logs with "No Vehicle" within MyGeotab
  • “Where Was This?” prompt will no longer appear next to applied exemptions
  • Improved accuracy of calculated distances in HOS logs
  • Improvements to iOS version of the app
  • Trailer Groups column has been added to the DVIR reports
  • Drivers can view Authority Switches Logs without having to turn on system logs

As with everything we do, these updates are designed to make your daily operations easier and more efficient. To learn more about the most recent updates, what to do in the event of a roadside inspection and/or a data diagnostics and malfunction event, click on the links below.

Watch Geotab Drive Updates Video: 

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View the Official Geotab Drive Document: 

Geotab Drive Document



View the Driver’s Guide to Data Transfer at Roadside Inspection: 

Roadside Inspection Guide



View the Data Diagnostic and Malfunction Events Document

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