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Assured Telematics Launches New Apps To Maximize Your Fleet Efficiency

January 3rd, 2018

As a company, Assured Telematics prides itself on providing clients with efficient and cost-effective ways to run their daily business operations. That’s why Assured Telematics has launched three new apps – ATI Trainer, Yard Move Assignment, and Automated IFTA Reporting—designed for the sole purpose of running fleets smoothly.


ATI Trainer, The 24/7 Driver Assistance App

Since February of 2016, fleets have been preparing to overhaul all paper logs in compliance with the ELD mandate, requiring all qualified drivers to log records of duty status (RODS) electronically. With a complete transition to ELD’s now in effect, Assured Telematics understands the importance of providing drivers with all the knowledge they need to be successful with ELD operations. Assured Telematics is proud to be the first telematics provider to develop organized support material with the sole intention of making electronic logs as easy as possible.

The ATI Trainer App is a driver’s 24/7 assistant, providing custom content whenever and wherever your drivers or supervisors need it. The app creates a link between drivers and ATI’s support staff using the LearnBolt mobile training platform. Drivers can contact our support team who will assess each driver’s specific need and “bolt” the knowledge right to their mobile devices. Through the LearnPath Library, drivers can view prescribed training materials or custom support videos for their specific problems. Content pages include text, audio, and images. Some pages will also offer media links for more detailed information on the subject being covered.

Change is not always easy. With the ATI Trainer App, fleet managers can help drivers transition to electronic logs more smoothly by empowering each driver with all the information needed to minimize down time and keep their fleets rolling.


Yard Move Assignment

The second app launched by ATI is called Yard Move Assignment. Yard Move Assignment is designed with the fleet manager in mind, to help them more efficiently move through daily processes. The app allows fleet managers to automatically assign yard moves so that they no longer sift through each “Unassigned Driver” log and manually annotate them as yard moves.


Penske Collaboration for IFTA Reporting

Through a collaboration with Penske, Assured Telematics has also created an app designed to better understand and sort mileage information for IFTA reporting. The International Fuel Tax Agreement was created to simplify the reporting of fuel used by trucks operating in multiple states. Drivers can now hold one permit, and taxes are assessed by one governing body and distributed to each jurisdiction. Without a proper way to calculate miles and fuel, fleets risk wrongly reporting numbers or the possibility of overcharges. With ATI’s newest app, state mileage information is pushed straight to Penske customers for IFTA reporting eliminating risks and maximizing fleet efficiency. Soon, Assured Telematics will also be to push Vehicle Inspection “Defect” Data to Penske so that they can schedule vehicle servicing.

Additionally, Assured Telematics offers services to integrate time clock system software (such as Workday) with Geotab DRIVE, so that your drivers are only required to log into a single sign-on, eliminating multiple steps for the drivers.

These are just a few examples of how Assured Telematics is planning to improve their clients’ fleets. With easy-to-use apps, on-the-go knowledge, and easily understood data, Assured Telematics is dedicated to ensuring a steady, efficient fleet, no matter what!






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