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How To Successfully Setup and Deploy Your ELD/HOS for FMCSA Compliance

November 29th, 2017

Assured Telematics is your partner in ensuring a smooth and successful implementation of FMCSA ELD and HOS compliance.

Assured Telematics is ready to assist you in finalizing setup as well as training in your ELD/HOS deployment. The following checklist has been prepared to guide you through the necessary steps.

As you know the initial rollout of December 18th is rapidly approaching, in order to successfully comply with the new regulations, Assured Telematics has prepared the following checklist to aid and assist you in the successful implementation and start-up so that you are compliant to the new regulations.

What You Need To Do

FMCSA regulations require specific information to be available when using Electronic Logging Devices.

Required Company Information needs to include:

  • Under System Settings: Fill out Company information for compliance
  • Set the Maximum Personal Conveyance distance as desired

Required Vehicle Information needs to include:

  • Fill out license plate, state/ province for compliance - Plate and state is a Canada requirement and not a US requirement.

Required User/Driver Information needs to include:

  • Driver Tab: Fill out the Driver’s License information
  • UI Settings: Set time zone to the same as the home terminal
  •  HOS Settings: Select the ruleset, fill out Home Terminal, Carrier Number and Authority information for compliance

MANDATORY Driver Deployment and Information:

In order to facilitate this, the 40 page Drive App Manual can be stored on the tablet and does not have to be printed. WARNING: This manual must be available OFFLINE in the event the driver does not have a cellular connection to the device. Assured Telematics advises you to distribute the guide on the Driver Tablet. 

Need Additional Help?

If you have any other questions regarding how to implement the new ELD/HOS mandate, visit us online and/or get in touch and we would be happy to provide you with additional information.


rickey hall on December 11, 2017 @ 5:08 pm said:
just wondering if i cold get some assistance on which app i need to use and how to get all of this rolling as the equipment is installed. however i am not technologically savvy any help would greatly be apreciated.





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