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Entergy and Westar Energy Use Geotab Technology for Hurricane IRMA Assistance

September 26th, 2017

The mark of a truly excellent fleet telematics system is that it allows you to easily organize your fleet so that you can get the data and insights you need.  What's the point of having all the data from your trucks and drivers when you cannot easily manage your fleet?  For this reason, a great telematics system needs to have a way for you to organize your assets, fleet, vehicles, users, zones, and reports.  Geotab has a group function to do just that. 

However, what makes a great fleet tracking system even greater is high flexibility and adaptability. 

Businesses enjoy routine.  Day in and day out, routine tasks run like clockwork.  However, disruptions do happen and your business’ routine tasks take a backseat.  How is your fleet tracking system able to handle these out-of-the-ordinary occurrences?

When disaster strikes, it’s takes the kindness and humanity of many to help a community get back on its feet.  When Hurricane Irma ripped through Florida and left 7 million people without power earlier this month, the state was in dire need of the charity of those who could afford to contribute anything they could.

The hurricane wrought havoc across the state's 35 counties.  Can you imagine the logistics involved in the restoration of power to 7 million consumers in close to three-dozen counties?  Florida's own Florida Power and Light Co. (FPL) has said that it would need more than 17,000 utilities workers, coming from at least 30 states with some from Canada, to be deployed in at least 20 staging sites across Florida to make sure that power is restored immediately. 

And when disaster struck, two of Assured Telematics' customers, Entergy and Westar Energy, nobly rose to the occasion to help provide much-needed emergency energy services across Florida. The companies were part of FPL’s efforts to restore power as quickly as possible to minimize the hardships brought about by Hurricane Irma. 

Entergy and Westar Energy use Geotab technology, which allows them to track their vehicles in real time.  This allows the two energy companies to go about their tasks and deliver high-value services to their customers.  They are able to track their vehicles, and if one is experiencing problems, they are able to dispatch the nearest available vehicle to help. 

Apart from that, they get all the data and insights they need to efficiently run their fleet.  When Hurricane Irma came along, this meant a disruption to their systems.  But they cannot ignore the call for help in a time of severe crisis.

The good news is that Assured Telematics has customized apps that extend the functionalities of fleet telematics devices.  In this case, Assured Telematics rolled out a customized application that would allow fleet managers to add or remove vehicles and users out of their current groups without affecting the current group structure already created in Geotab.

This means that for Westar Energy and Entergy, they can still keep track of their vehicles that are being used in connection with the relief operations in Florida.  They can also add vehicles from other utility companies into their own groups to make sure that they have a complete view of all participating vehicles in the field.  What’s more, after the Hurricane Irma relief operations are over, they can easily go back to their old groups and continue their routines.

Assured Telematics fully supports customers no matter what they do.  From daily business operations to acts of great compassion and altruism, we have the right apps and devices for you.






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