Third Party Applications


CRASH FREE CULTURE® is Virtual Risk Manager’s® award winning global DRIVER SAFETY solution active in over 60 countries and 35 languages. Our mission is to help our clients build their safety solution into their DNA/operating culture to ensure short, medium and long term objectives are achieved with an emphasis on enabling your managers to ‘lead your teams to safety’. 


Sensomatix™ is the leading provider of Safety Scoring™ services for the usage based auto insurance industry. With Sensomatix, insurers can link premiums to actual driving risk – rewarding policyholders for safe driving behavior while increasing market share and profits.

Safety Scoring is powered by Driving DNA™, the company’s state-of-the-art predictive risk analysis platform. Driving DNA is designed to analyze and rate driving risk based on a wide range of telematics data together with geographical (GIS), weather, and traffic information. Using mathematical algorithms, Driving DNA identifies the unique signatures that characterize driving behavior. It then uses actuarial modeling to provide insurers with Safety Scoring – a ri/sk index based on each individual’s driving style.

zoomsafer   ZoomSafer is a leading provider of enterprise software to prevent distracted driving. FleetSafer™ solutions enable employers to measure, manage and enforce cell phone usage policies to reduce crashes, risk, liability and expense.

ISO is the property/casualty insurance industry's leading supplier of statistical, actuarial, underwriting, and claims data. Our analytic and decision-support services help customers compete effectively. To serve our clients, we draw upon our vast experience in data management and security and our expertise in predictive modeling. The Applied Informatix® unit from ISO has created a set of analytical tools to help collect and use driving behavior data for both personal and commercial auto. Those tools include our patent-pending GeoMetric™ Report, BehaviorMetric Score, and Driving Behavior Database for Modelers.


Crashboxx Telematics  

Crashboxx Telematics delivers state of the art safety solutions that make it easy for fleet managers, insurers and parents to get unprecedented insight into the driving behavior of their drivers, policy holders, and teen drivers.  On board sensors send data in real time on how the vehicle is being operated, via the mobile phone system to our servers.  See daily driver safety scores, hard acceleration, braking, cornering, events and trends, current vehicle location and immediate alerts when crashes occur (Automatic Crash Notification). 
Less risk, fewer crashes, greater peace of mind. Get there with intelligent vehicle tools from Crashboxx.



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