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Onboard Advisor® - Liberty Mutual Insurance

Onboard Advisor®, a GPS-based Safety-Driven Insurance™ product from Liberty Mutual Insurance, enables businesses to improve safety, save fuel and potentially save on commercial auto insurance by reducing at-risk driving events. Geotab and Assured Telematics have teamed with your independent insurance agent to offer customers Onboard Advisor to access a range of fleet safety, risk management and driver development tools, including fuel cards and, in some cases, insurance discounts. By identifying and correcting at-risk driving behavior, Geotab plus Onboard Advisor works to lower fuel consumption, create safer drivers and help prevent collisions—all while putting you in control of your insurance costs.

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Onboard Advisor is a trademark of Open Seas Solutions, Inc. Onboard Advisor is a service of Open Seas Solutions, Inc., a subsidiary of Liberty Mutual Insurance. Open Seas Solutions, Inc. is not an insurance company. Onboard Advisor is not an insurance policy and does not provide insurance coverage. Onboard Advisor services are provided subject to the Terms of Use set forth at

Fuel Card program participation is optional and is subject to U.S. Bank National Association ND Commercial Fleet Card Application approval and Commercial Fleet Card Agreement.  Insurance discounts are available through participating Liberty Mutual Insurance companies. Eligibility is subject to meeting applicable underwriting criteria.

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DriveFactor: Driving Data and Analytics

DriveFactor is the trusted worldwide source for driving data and analytics.  Our mission is to multiply the rewards of safe driving. Consumers are provided with knowledge and potential savings. Insurers benefit from better rating and decreased risk. Fleets gain valuable insight into how and where their vehicles are being driven.  We bring a distinct competitive edge to our customers.

drive factor