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Assured Advice

At Assured Telematics Inc. our services go beyond simply offering GPS fleet management solutions. We offer industry insight towards evolving data, trends in technology and information that will keep you ahead of your competition and prepared for the growth of your business.

Assured Telematics still leads the way as it continues to deliver the best products, services, ideas and solutions that make use of cutting-edge telematics technologies. Now, Assured Telematics adds Mentor to our list of top-notch products that is sure to benefit your fleet and drivers.…

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Assured Telematics - who offers both products and services which utilize modern technology to deal with day-to-day issues related to fleet management - has agreed to partner with Intelligent Telematics, a company who provides video solutions for fleet tracking and monitoring. Intelligent Telematics, uses an integrated 3G vehicle camera and tracking system which offers fleet protection in real time; and its partnership with ATI is seen as a major step in the industry. Not only does it hold a prom…

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Boston MA. (April 28, 2015) -- Assured Telematics has announced a partnership with American RFID Solutions for the distribution of a M2M or cellular multi-purpose data pipe that handles American RFID's TrackStar RTLS (Real Time Location System) platform and Geotab Telematics data. Frank Pellitta, president of Assured Telematics, says that the company is “very proud to be chosen as the telematics partner for American RFID Solutions.” The alliance between the two enterprises will ben…

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