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Assured Telematics Leads the Way with Vehicle Integrated Technology and Mentor

May 8th, 2017

Assured Telematics still leads the way as it continues to deliver the best products, services, ideas and solutions that make use of cutting-edge telematics technologies.

Assured Telematics has led the pack when it comes to vehicle-integrated technology with:


Geotab: The plug and play vehicle tracking device is used by the top companies in North America. Ten out of the top 100 fleets in the region rely on Geotab, with more than 700,000 devices in operation and more than 78,000 software end users around the world.  Geotab brings with it several features and benefits that increase your fleet's productivity, safety, and efficiency, while also driving down costs and increasing fleet optimization.  What's more, it helps you be compliant with the regulations governing electronic logging devices without having to think about it too much.

Smart Witness KP1: This camera system has embedded telematics and tracking data.  With a front facing camera and an optional second camera for the rear, side or interior views, you are sure to be protected from fraudulent claims.  The camera system would immediately send the last 10-second video clip to a pre-defined recipient via e-mail.   The camera system is 3G/LTE enabled that allows it to transmit video recordings immediately once it detects an accident.  KP1 also has real-time reporting capabilities, including speeding alerts and driver reports that could alert fleet managers to driver misbehavior.

Mobileye Collision Avoidance System: The system that helps you avoid collisions with the widest range of real-time alerts and warnings.  The Mobileye Collision Avoidance System analyzes a variety of probable threats when you are on the road and warns you if there is a threat of colliding with another vehicle, pedestrian and others.

ATI Event Coordinator: It brings together insurance savings, operational efficiencies and accident prevention in one fleet management solution.  ATI Event Coordinator makes use of GPS vehicle tracking, collision avoidance technology and video recording to help drivers avoid or get out of a sticky situation such as accidents and fraudulent claims.

Now, Assured Telematics adds Mentor to our list of top-notch products that is sure to benefit your fleet and drivers.


What is Mentor?

Mentor, by eDriving, monitors and measures your driving behavior and gives you customized training points and tips on your smartphone, computer or tablets.  

Your FICO Score is the standard measurement for your individual credit risk used all throughout the financial ecosystem.  Mentor has adopted this idea: it scores your drivers' behaviors based on its own predictive analytics platform to give them a FICO Safe Driving Score.  This score is computed after every trip and tracked over time.  This way, your drivers can get instant feedback on how to improve their driving as well as being able to see trends over time. Drivers can also compare their driving scores to benchmarks.  The FICO Safe Driving Score could be used as a consistent and fair driver safety assessment.

The vision behind Mentor is that it would act as a driving fitness coach. It will help correct behaviors and attitudes that are responsible for 94% of the incidents and collisions on the road.  It tracks your driving behaviors and then consults the best practices employed by some of the best and most effective strategies used in fitness, weight-loss and behavioral modification programs.  Mentor brings together these models with driver improvement approaches, all backed by research.  These approaches are further proven by some of eDriving's Fortune 150 clients from all over the world.

Mentor not only delivers personalized engagement and interaction for every driver, it also makes these measurements visible for fleet managers.  This allows managers to motivate and reinforce progress.  

Mentor is seen as the most powerful tool that fleets and companies can implement to help establish a culture of accountability and safety among their drivers.  It helps drivers be aware of and focus on the actions, behaviors and habits of a good driver, thereby reducing the risk of getting into accidents while in transit and even help them arrive to their destinations safely.  As such, Mentor is able to reduce risks and TCO or total cost of ownership for all fleets, no matter how big or small.

eDriving CEO puts it succinctly, saying that they have made a fitness program for drivers.  It uses the driver's smartphone and gives the driver engaging content that is relevant to them.  Mentor also uses  “gamification” wherein the scores are used not only for bragging rights, but also to motivate those with lower scores to do better.  Mentor, then, is much more effective than just training modules or company policies when it comes to behavior modification.


Mentor Beta Testing and Adoption

Beta tests were done on Mentor and these showed that drivers are highly engaged with it.  What does this mean?  Drivers are more likely to want to continue improving their driving abilities while seeing measurable and continuous improvements over time.  And by drivers, we mean every single one of them, even those who think they are very responsible and very capable while on the road.

Ed Dubens, executive vice president of eDriving Fleet division, has said that even with the fast pace of innovation that is seen in the fleet safety industry today, Mentor is leading the pack as a highly scalable tool that can be rolled out in just a few minutes while also addressing risk management in a cost-effective and efficient way.

The company is also working with industry leaders from the world of safety and insurance, including risk engineering heads, underwriting, and corporate drivers and universities, as well as university professors including cognitive scientist Paul Atchley, Ph.D.   

Atchley said that Mentor has a holistic and comprehensive approach to pinpointing, flagging, and then correcting driving behavior.  It is also a step towards the use of an industry standard as a clear measure or marker of driving ability.  Atchley further explained that people are prone to underestimate risk.  Stokes agreed, saying that drivers are more prone to think that they are way better drivers than they actually are.






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